Let us go on flash back to get the 50 years’ evaluation of this beloved Alma Mater of ours which had been possible with the inception of head quarter of esteemed M/s. Oil India Limited here in Duliajan as with its inception a cosmopolitan town sprang up here and a sagacious galaxy of spiritually enthusiastic persons thought it judicious and exigent to establish a temple in order to satisfy the religious hunger of the people of the town and its adjacent areas and in the pursuit of this noble mission our worthy predecessors in a meeting resolved to construct a temple where the Universal Mother could be worshipped everyday and in a process every devotee could go to the pinnacle of spiritual salvation. We the present generation of this noble temple, recall the founder committee members. Who provided their best services to established temple. They are Lt. S. Banik, Lt. B. B. Biswas,Lt. P. K. Sen, Sri. H. K. Sen Kanongoe, Lt. N. Dutta, Lt. Dr. B. Das, Lt. D. B. Tarafder, Lt. A. Dasgupta, Lt. S. K. Deb, Lt. D. C. Chakraborty, Lt. P. K. Sen, Lt. H. S. Deb, Lt. S. R. Deb. Their tenacity of purpose and keen longingness got its concrete shape on the 23rd October, 1965 in the form of a temporary shed on a plot of land donated by religious. Serene Smti Madhabilata Sen W/o Late Prafulla Kumar Sen behind Netaji Shishu Niketan Girls’ School in the name of Duliajan Kalibari. Which was later shifted at today’s place on constructing a temple of masonry works under the elevated patronage of the consecrated soul like Kalipada Sarkar and other spiritual enthusiastic of the then executive committee & founder members. This was possible due to the support and untiring effort provided by people of near by village "Subash Palli" & its locality. Late Manmath Bhattacharjee was the first priest who worshipped "Mother Kali" since establishment of this temple till death. We recall the untiring, unstinted, persevere and dedicated service of these noble sons of Mother Kali who in the pursuit of this noble mission avoided and neglected the clarion call of their families. Since then the indefatiguable and glorious journey of this beloved Alma Mater of ours has begun and in the year 1990, our worthy pioneers and torch bearers observed its Silver Jubilee Celebration on the completion of 25th year with traditional pomp and grandeur. Simultaneously our ancestors also rendered a host of social service for the upliftment of the suffering people with all its might keeping in mind the gospel service of man is service to God’ as the gospel of Lord Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Swami Vivekananda coupled with the extension and beautification of this Alma Mater. Now, at this juncture of its completion of 50th year we have felt the dismantling of the existing temple and imperative one as it can no longer withstand the vagaries of nature. It is also seen that drops of rain water leaks through the roof and the spires of the temple which demands a colossal amount of money.

We are experiencing a severe economic slump for which we are afraid of undertaking the mighty task of dismantling and reconstructing the temple. We look forward humbly for the donation and subscription of all devotees to donate/ subscribe according to capacity in this holy mission so that our sincerest and serene efforts may see its concrete form. Along with it we are cherishing another dream of bringing out a ‘‘Souvenir’’ befitting this occasion which shall be the saga of our marathon fifty years’ journey.